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August 2013
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Monaco: The House of Grimaldi. A brief history of Monaco's princely family. Doomed marriages. Illegitimate children. Scandalous affairs. From Prince Albert I to Prince Albert II. Prince Louis II, Princess Charlotte, and Count Pierre de Polignac. Princess Antoinette and the de Massys. Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly. Princess Caroline, Philippe Junot, Stefano Casiraghi, Prince Ernst August of Hanover. Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo. Charlotte Casiraghi and Gad Elmaleh. Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo. Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock. Princess Stephanie and her many men. Plus much more.

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Estée Lauder heir William Lauder brawls with his club heiress baby mama, her links to organized crime; real estate tycoon and billionaire's brother Clyde Berg battles bizarre sex abuse claims by his estranged wife; the messy, ongoing divorce of publishing heir James B. Fairchild and Whitney St. John; updates on: the Romanian Princess Irina's cockfighting bust, Astor heir Tony Marshall's parole, the Belgian royal family and Delphine Boël, Infanta Cristina of Spain's new job and the Aga Khan's daughter Princess Zahra, new Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed death theory involves Adnan Khashoggi and Prince Philip; US VP's son Beau Biden has a brain tumor, discussion of other high-level government head injuries; a new baby for the Baldwin acting clan, big sister Ireland Baldwin's weird open letter to her infant half-sister, dramatic reading of Alec Baldwin's angry voicemail to daughter Ireland.

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Romanian Princess Irina caught in cockfighting ring sting; Mellencamp sons accused of beating man; Prince Charles and Duke of York unfairly influencing British government; new info on Princess Diana's possible murder; update on Spanish pedophile pardoned by Moroccan king; Spanish Duchess of Medinaceli dies, her notorious son is discussed; Africa's first female billionaire; money laundering accusations against the Obiang dynasty of Equatorial Guinea, with links to the Bushes, Saudi Royal Family, espionage, and more; Saudi prince accused of rape and murder; the strange case of real estate heir Robert Durst; banking heir Altschul marries, his media connections are examined.

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Charles Saatchi won't leave Nigella Lawson alone; Russian billionaire
Dimitri Ryobolovlev buys real estate to avoid paying wife in 5 year long
divorce; Robert Maxwell's widow dies, his probable murder is discussed,
as is his daughter Ghislaine's connections to billionaire sex offender
Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew, Duke of York; Prince Andrew gets
close to ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, their daughter Princess Eugenie's
boyfriend's raunchy photos with naked bondage stripper; Prince Charles
meddles in British government affairs; Prince Friso of the Netherlands
dies, his wife Mabel's ties to drug kingpin Klaas Bruinsma, more gossip
and rumors; Bourbon-Parma wedding; Charlotte Casiraghi's probable
pregnancy and wedding; Jeff Zucker's son quits Cory Booker's internet
startup; a new baby for Zac Goldsmith and Alice Rothschild,
Goldsmith-Rothschild scandals, Amschel Rothschild's mysterious suicide;
Gwyneth Paltrow clashes with Christina Oxenberg, Paltrow's link to
Walking Dead star, his link to Jethro Tull.

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The Doris Duke trust battle, the MetLife heir trust batte, a trust battle involving Indian princesses and a maharaja, yet another trust battle surrounding the Earl Cardigan, Countess Maya von Schoenburg sued by her maid, a Saudi billionaire stiffs his middleman on a jet deal with Khadaffi, update on the Saudi maid slave case, Saatchiing, Inaki Urdangarin in hot water as Infanta Cristina heads for Switzerland with the kids, Zara Phillips still riding while the bouncer who leaked footage of her husband canoodling with an ex girlfriend gets convicted, the Casiraghi Santo-Domingo wedding, the Bardem-Cruz baby, Mukhar Ablyazov is arrested, Prince Andrew has dealings with Kazakh money launderers, and Gennady Timchenko looks for U.S. backing.

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