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January 2014
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In this episode, Matthew Freud and Elisabeth Murdoch call it quits.  Russell Brand and Jemima Khan unfollow each other on Twitter (and get divorced).  Obligatory George Clooney mention.  James Blunt marries Sofia Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington's granddaughter.  Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson get hitched.  Ludwig zu Waldburg von Wolfegg und Waldsee stirs controversy by marrying Jessica Iskandar.

Chelsea Clinton has her baby.  So does Paulina Gretzky.  Liv Tyler is expecting a kid with Dave Gardner, pal to Beck.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne's cousins were raised in a sex cult, and now they're on X Factor.

The Earl of Sandwich's son claims his father raped him and others.  Edward Stanbury sues to have his drug dealing conviction wiped from Google results.

RFK Jr will be deposed in the divorce case of his alleged mistress Chelsea Kirwan.  Delphine Boel is back in court.

Queen Fabiola's tax dodge causes the  reformation of appenages.  Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist's new engagement photos look a lot like William and Kate's.

The Duchess of Cambridge isn't working due to morning sickness.  Charlene of Monaco is definitely having twins.

Prince Ernst August of Hanover is dating a hooker and Princess Anne is advocating eating horse meat.

Cressida Bonas' last stepfather's suicide and attending her relative's wedding.

Angelina Jolie and Michael Bloomberg swear fealty to a hereditary monarch and foreign head of state (they were knighted).

Prince Laurent of Belgium may have an illegitimate son.  Sofia and Juan Carlos of Spain may divorce.  Spain apologizes to the King of Morocco for bugging him with their maritime cops.  U.S. embassador to the U.K. Matthew Barzun causes an incident by complaining about having to eat too much lamb.

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Martina Navritalova's new fiance is the former lover of Edouard Stern- a powerful French banker who died under mysterious, violent and kinky circumstances.  We go over them in detail.  The Duchess of Cambridge is preggo again.  Halliburton heir Jill Halliburton Su found murdered in her home.  Gucci heir Guccio Gucci arrested for fraud.  Wrongful death lawsuit against hotel billionaire Jeffrey Soffer dismissed.  Cameron Douglas has his drug sentence reduced and Indio Downey faces jail time for drug charges.

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Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild get engaged.  Kate Rothschild breaks up with Jay Electronica as Ben Goldsmith gets engaged to Jemima Jones.  Maria Shriver gets involved with Matthew Dowd.  Bobby Kennedy Jr sells his wedding photos?  Drew Barrymore gets good PR in the wake of her half sister's death.  Tallulah Willis strips for psychiatry.  John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan call it quits.  Kick Kennedy and Harper Simon also call it quits.  Jamie Packer and David Gyngell throw down; Miranda Kerr denies involvement.  A Saudi Prince gets heisted in the middle of Paris.  A Qatari princess gets assaulted by a Belgian diplomat.  Royal and aristocratic gossip roundup, and Robert Durst gets caught pissing on the Skittles.

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Special thanks to producer Skip Klauber for making this episode possible!


Bobby Kennedy Jr and Cheryl Hines tie the knot in front of a 90s TV cast.  Drew Barrymore's half sister Jessica does too much meth and dies.  Peaches Geldof's last fix is far larger than expected.  Hud Mellencamp gets caught underage drinking after promising the judge he'd behave. Kevin McEnroe gets caught buying a load of drugs.  Robert Downey Jr's son Indo gets charged for possession and paraphernalia.  Barron Hilton gets into (fight) this time with Baywatch actor.  Lisa Kirkorian fails to get more money out of Kirk, but continues custody battle with baby-daddy.  Alexandra Tolstoy can't survive on 10,000 pounds a week since paramour Sergei Pugachev had his accounts frozen.


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Prince Carl Philip of Norway gets engaged to Snakey (Sophia Hellqvist).  Sex addict RFK Jr is named as the "other man" in the divorce of Chelsea Kirwan and Dr. Laurence Kirwan, also a sex addict.  More about RFK Jr's sex diary.  Dr. Richard Rockefeller dies in a plane crash.

Julia Roberts' sister's suicide note released in part.  The abdication of King Juan Carlos of Spain and the ascension of his son King Felipe VI.  The fraud trial of Infanta Cristina and Inaki Urdangarin.  Juan Carlos' illegitimate children.

Princess Irina of Romania pleads guilty to cockfighting.  Samantha Perelman loses her lawsuit, George Soros tries to settle his and Sumner Redstone has two women suing over him.

Ginia Rinehart's bodyguard allegedly commits suicide under strage circumstances.  Coroner will not rule death a suicide.  Prince Albert bans Adam Hock from Monaco.

Lapo Elkann claims he's being stalked by celebrity chef Travis London.  Charles Saatchi's web site is selling Nigella "choking" art.  German princess Theodora zu Sayn-Wittgenstein is sentenced for taking her clothes of and hurling racial epithets while black out drunk.


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Arnold's affairs with his co-stars and links to powerful political staffers and high ranking Nazis.  Arnold and Maria's wedding.  Wendy Leigh's unauthorized biography and Arnold's PR attack dogs.  Arnold's affairs with his underage co-stars and Maria's pregnancy.  Arnold's gubernatorial run and term, his links to Enron and his part in the recall of Gray Davis.  Maria's stint as First Lady of California and her work with Special Olympics.  Arnold's work with Special Olympics.  His affair with Patty Baena and illegitimate son Joseph Baena.  Arnold and Maria's divorce.

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Maria Shriver; Growing up with 4 brothers.  Escaping from a kibbutz.  Maria's attitude toward employees / help.  Her education, and a degree of naivete.  Past boyfriends.  Her introduction to Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Maria's career as a broadcast journalist.  Pressure from her family and Arnold.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's father Gustav, his brother Meinhard and mother Aurelia.  Gustav's abusive parenting and his rivalry with his brother.  Gustav's Nazi past.  Arnold and Meinhard become bullies, targeting primarily girls.  Arnold's practical jokes and conflicts with the paparazzi.  Kurt Marnul and Arnold's steroid use.  Arnold's stint in the military as a tank driver, and the Mr. Junior Europe competition.

Gustav's womanizing.  Gustav and Aurelia's concern that Arnold was gay.  Gay "patrons" of bodybuilders.  Arnold's rumored patrons including Arce Gomez, Oscar Heidenstam and an unnamed German banker. Arnold poses for a nude photospread and for Robert Mapplethorpe.

Arnold's possible legal trouble, his immigration to the US.  His brother Meinhard's untimely end.  Gustav's death.

Off color remars by Arnold.  Possible Nazi sympathies?  Arnold dates Barabara Outland and lands a role in Hercules Goes to New York.  More off color remarks by Arnold.  Arnold moves on the Sue Mory and starts dating Maria at the same time.

Arnold expands his financial empire.  Arnold wins the Mr. Olympia competition to great protest.  His movie career takes off with Conan the Barbarian and later The Terminator.  The atrocious "Carnival in Rio" documentary (link below).  Arnold's affair with Brigitte Nielsen.  His marriage to Maria Shriver.

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Bobby Shriver, his childhood with Chris Lawford, RFK Jr, and David Kennedy in the Hyannis Port Terrors.  His run-in with the law.  Childhood relationships and academic career at Yale.  Bobby's legal career and his work with Bono's DATA foundation and the Gates' ONE foundation, as well as other NGOs.  His relationship to shady possible ex-CIA officer Trevor Neilson, and Neilson's work setting up cover brand charities for celebrities.  Bobby's issues with campaign finance laws and possible gay rumors.  His marriage to Malissa Feruzzi Shriver.

Tim Shriver, his academic career at Yale and work in education.  His film production career.  His role as head of the Special Olympics.  Production of The Ringer with Johnny Knoxville, and his issues with the film Tropic Thunder.  His membership in the CFR and more gay rumors.

Mark Shriver, his academic career at Holy Cross and Harvard.  His legal career and work and run for Congress.  His work at Strategic Initiatives and  and marriage to Jeanne Ripp Shraver.

Anthony Shriver, academics at Brown and Georgetown.  His relationship with Tatum O'Neal and his closeness to his aunt Rosemary.  His work with Best Buddies.  Anthony trashes Donald Trump's landscaping, and Brett Ratner speculates on dirt in Anthony's past.  His marriage to Alina Mojica Shriver.

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Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco are expecting.  RFK Jr. gets engaged to Cheryl Hines.  New books say that RFK Sr. ordered Marilyn Monroe's death and that Jackie Kennedy slept around as much as JFK.  Byelorussian President Alexander Lukashenko claims oligarch and Putin enemy Boris Berezovsky is still alive.  Abdul Basit Igtet, husband to Sarah Bronfmann and all-around shady guy tries to be Prime Minister of Libya.  We examine his business, political intelligence and terrorist ties.  Sarah and Claire Bronfman's involvement with the NXIVM cult.  Walmart Heir Paige Laurie's soon to be ex claims she's a cheating liar.  Tetrapak heir and corpse storage expert Hans K. Rausing to marry Julia Delves-Broughton.

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Eunice Shriver, her childhood as a sickly child, but no less aggressive than her siblings.  Her devotion to her religion and her opposition to her sister Kick marrying outside the faith.  Her college carreer and how it was interrupted by her sister Rosemary's lobotomy.  Her career in both social work and for the State Department.  Her marriage to Sarge and her mistreatment of him during their courtship.  Her founding of the Special Olympics and her awards.  Her caring for her wayward siblings and cousins, and her attitude toward her brothers' womanizing.  Eunice's workaholism and reputation as a tough mother.  Her car accident at the age of 70.

Sargent Shriver's familial heritage.  His religious faith, and his academic career.  His marriage to Eunice and his work for Joe Sr at Merchandise Mart.  His mistreatment by the Kennedys and their sabotaging of his political career.  His founding of the Peace Corps, work as ambassador to France, and his moral guidance of his children.

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Peaches Geldof actually did die of a drug overdose.  Her odd marriage and parenting style.  Robert H Richards blows off court-ordered therapy.  A Delaware prosecutor gets caught with an underage boy.  Beau Biden runs for governor.  Ted Kennedy Jr. runs for state senate.  Ronan Farrow is faking those baby blues.  Chelsea Clinton's felonious father-in-law and mother-in-law's shady dealings.  Walmart heiress Paige Laurie sues her ex husband.  Mark Shand saves and elephant and meets an untimely demise.  Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas call it quits.

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Rosemary Kennedy and her developmental disorder.  How the family tried to cope with it, how severe it was.  Problems arising as she got older.  Joe's inability to deal with it and general familial denial.  The ill-fated lobotomy.

Kick Kennedy's outgoing character.  Her close relationship with Joe Jr. and Jack.  Kick's relationships with Lem Billings, Sir Hugh Fraser, and J. Peter Grace.  Her romance with Marquess of Hartington William Cavendish. Kick's work as a journalist.  Jack's relationship with Inga Arvad.  Kick's awkward platonic relationship with John White.  Kick's marriage to William Cavendish. Rose's disapproval of Kick's not marrying a Catholic.  William's short lived political career and tragic death in WWII. 

Kick's covert romance with Peter Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, Earl of Fitzwilliam.  His scandalous divorce.  Rose's further disapproval.  Kick and Peter's tragic death in a plane crash in the South of France.

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The death of Peaches Geldof, and some of her family history.  The (alleged) attempted suicide of Prince Laurent of Belgium and some of his family history.  Bill Clinton is named in another sex scandal with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.  DuPont heir Robert H. Richards gets away with molesting his daughter and son.  A bit of Anderson Cooper family history and Charles Saatchi (allegedly) gets Nigella put on the no fly list.

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The noble ancestry of Kit Harrington, Thomas Sangster, John Standing, Rose Leslie, Eugene Simon and possibly Peter Dinklage.  Dame Diana Rigg's connections.  Oona Chaplin's artistic heritage and other disasters.  Harry Lloyd's literary ancestry.  The show business relations and connections of Niklaj Coster-Waldau, Jerome Flynn, Alfie Allen, Julian Glover, Jason Momoa, Roy Dotrice, Daniel Portman, Stephen Dillane, Tom Brooke and James Cosmo, and some surprising links to David Benioff.

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The children of Senator Edward Kennedy. Kara Kennedy Allen's issues as a teenager.  Her fear of cancer.  Her work in the media, marriage to Michael Allen and her bout with lung cancer.  Ted Kennedy Jr., his bout with bone cancer, his legal career.  His decision to not go into politics.  His ordeals being legal guardian of his mother.   Patrick Kennedy's issues with alcohol and drugs and other psychological issues.  His career as a Rhode Island state representative and as a congressman from Rhode Island.  More issues with drugs and alcohol and drunk driving issues.  His marriage to Amy Savell Petitgout and odd living arrangements.  His project to map the human mind and his anti-marijuana advocacy Project SAM.  Christopher, Ted Sr's alleged love child.

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Kerry's failed marriage to Andrew Cuomo.  Her "accidental" DUI.  Her grief at the death of Mary Richardson Kennedy.  Michael Kennedy, his affair with the babysitter  and untimely death.  His marriage to Victoria Gifford Kennedy and daughter Kyle's conflict with Taylor Swift.  Chris Kennedy's early business ventures and career.  His work at Merchandise Mart and Top Box Foods.  His wife Sheila Berner Kennedy and her connections to media, law and finance.  Max Kennedy Sr, his work as a lawyer, fundraiser and in the media.  His control of RFK Sr's papers.  His marriage to a Pep Boys heiress.  Allegations of slovenliness and an odd classified ad for a deckhand.  Douglas Kennedy's physical altercation with a pair of nurses.  Courtney Kennedy's marriage to convicted IRA bomber Paul Hill.  Rory Kennedy's work as a documentarian.  Kathleen Kennedy's reputation as a goody-goody.  Her legal and political careers, and allegations of election fraud.  Her work in finance and nuclear energy.  Her marriage to David Townsend

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Bobby Jr.'s tumultuous childhood and contentious relationships with his mother and brothers; his animal menagerie; his youthful "gang," the Hyannis Port Terrors; his drug addiction and arrests; his odd relationship with JFK Sr.'s friend, Lem Billings; his presidential aspirations; playing "Kennedy roulette;" his first marriage and first job in the legal profession; the drug bust which led to his sobriety and involvement with environmental organization Riverkeeper; his arrests for civil disobedience; his second marriage to Mary Richardson and the circumstances leading to her death; his battles with his late wife's family; his relationship with actress Cheryl Hines; the publication of excerpts from his "sex diary," including his critical comments about George W. Bush, Andrew Cuomo, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, his rating system for his side pieces, and fighting his "lust demons."

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The children of RFK Sr and Ethel Kennedy.  Ethel as a bad parent.  Joe Kennedy II's intellect (or lack thereof) and athletic ability (or lack thereof).  His bad temper and sibling rivalry with RFK Jr.  Pressure put on him in the wake of JFK's and RFK's assassinations.  His somewhat bitter resignation at having to be a Kennedy.  His various abbreviated college careers.  His short stint in San Francisco government.  His fantasies about running drugs.  Joe is on a Lufthansa flight hijacked by the PFLP.  His car accident which crushes his brother David's vertebra and paralyzes Pam Kelley.  The Kennedys pay for Pam Kelley's medical bills, then cut her off.  Pam Kelley responds.  Joe II graduates from UMass and founds Citizens Energy.  Joe Marries Sheila Brewster Rauch.  He takes over Tip O'Neill's congressional seat.  Joe and Sheila Divorce. Joe asks for an anullment; Sheila goes ballistic.  Joe returns to Citizens Energy after amassing a $2.3MM political nest egg.

David Kennedy is the sensitive one.  His special relationship with his father (RFK) who was also the sensitive one.  David's prophetic dreams of his father's death.  David watches his father die on live television.  Ethel's refusal to let David talk about it.  David goes to Europe to hit on girls who feel bad about his father's death.  David does mescaline with Bobby Jr..  David and Chris Lawford get into heroin.  David transfers to Middlesex school, does a lot of drugs and tries to impress Bobby Jr.  David gets suspended from Middlesex and gets high with Peter Lawford.  David annoys Ethel by dating Pam Kelley.  Pam is paralyzed in a car accident.  David becomes addicted to morphine while recovering from his injuries, and begins doing IV heroin.  David drops out of Harvard and loses a number of jobs.  His first bout with bacterial endocarditis.  His trip to Pakistan and meetings with General Zia and Colonel Gadaffi.  David is knifed while trying to score heroin.  David starts on percodan.  "The Committee to Keep David out of the Picture."  David's stay at McLean's.  His trip to England.  His relationship with actress Rachel Ward.  David is beaten and mugged in a shooting gallery.  David tries to get clean.  David goes completely nuts and thinks he's Lee Harvey Oswald.  David OD's on sleeping pills.  David speaks to Collier and Horrowitz and is accused of "treason" by his family.  David dies of a drug overdose in a Palm Beach hotel.

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Reader mail.  Politics as pro wrestling.  Barbara Bush gets a stalker.  George Soros gets to keep his credit cards to himself.  Michael Douglas has a lot of billionaire friends.  Dylan Farrow asks, what's your favorite Woody Allen movie?  Dylan Lauren doesn't give her staff a raise.  Leonard Lauder doesn't think mom appreciated being robbed.  Michael Grimm threatens Gambino relative Michael Scotto.  Stacey Cumberbatch outs her relation to Benedict Cumberbatch.  Princess Alexandra and her pal Jimmy Saville.  Super Gladio Brothers starring Jean and Guillaume de Luxembourg.  Mark Udall's son has some bad habits.  Gigi Chao tells her dad where to stick it.

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Jemima Kirke and the Dellal Clan

Jemima Kirke's real estate developer grandfather, Black Jack Dellal; his nine children, including Jemima's mom, boutique owner Lorraine Dellal Kirke; Lorraine's rock drummer husband, Simon Kirke; Jemima's sister Domino the doula and her baby daddy, the banjo player hipster; Jemima's husband, Michael Mosberg, and his plans for a luxury drug rehab in Brooklyn; Jemima's actress sister Lola; her uncle, Guy Dellal and his cocaine conviction; Guy's socialite children - shoe designer Charlotte Olympia, art gallery owner Alex, model Alice, and big-haired Max - and their connections to Jerry Hall and her Jagger offspring; Alex and Alice's links to Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi; Alex's baby mama, Elisa Sednaoui; Alice's adventures with Pixie Geldof; Suzy Dellal's heroin overdose; Jemima's filmmaker aunts, Jasmine and Gaby Dellal.

Zosia Mamet (53:29)

Zosia Mamet's famous dad, David Mamet, and her "showbiz royalty" mother, Lindsay Crouse; the Broadway connections of her grandparents, Russel Crouse and Anna Erskine Crouse; her influential Ivy League professor grandfather, John Erskine; the embarrassing Kickstarter campaign by Zosia and her half-sister, Clara Mamet.

Allison Williams (1:08:04)

Allison Williams' famous newsreader father, Brian Williams, and her tv producer mother, Jane Stoddard Williams; Brian Williams' work for the US government; the State Department connections of her mother and grandfather, Hudson G. Stoddard; Hudson Stoddard's work in publishing and public television; her great-grandfather, Alexander J. Stoddard, his work in education and public tv, and more State Department connections; Allison's cousin, Timothy Lovejoy, who made a fortune working for; her Washington lobbyist uncle, Alex Stoddard; Allison's connections to Yale, secret societies, and Judd Apatow.

Lena Dunham (1:26:42)

Lena Dunham's artist parents, Carroll Dunham and Laurie Simmons; Carroll Dunham's creepy porno art; Laurie Simmons' connections to actress Meryl Streep and banking heir Michael Rohatyn; Lena's friend, political operative Audrey Gelman, and her creepazoid ex-boyfriend, photographer Terry Richardson; Lena's Girls show runner, Jenni Konner, her Hollywood writer father, and more Nepotista connections; Lena' strange relationship with her friends and family.

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Caroline Kennedy and John Kennedy Jr's childhood with Jackie and Aristotle Onassis.  Caroline's youthful indescretions.  Her near miss with an IRA bomb meant for Sir Hugh Fraser.  Her relationship with Mark Shand, brother of Camilla Parker-Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall.  Caroline's academic career and brief stints in photography, journalism and later at the MoMA, where she met her husband, Ed Schlossberg. Her abortive attempt at taking over Hillary's NY Senate seat and her current embassadorship to Japan.  Caroline's substantial personal wealth and inheritance.  Her involvement with her brother David Kennedy's drug overdose and possible theft of demerol from Rose Kennedy.  Caroline's relationship with neoconservative writer and editor Eric Breindel and his death from AIDS-related liver failure.  His work with Senator Moynihan and the Senate Intelligence Committee, and his friendships with Tamar Jacoby and Norman Podhoretz.  Donald Rumsfeld, Midge Dector and the Committee for the Free World, John M. Olin, Smith Richardson, Irving Kristol and Tom Stoppard.

Ed Schlossberg and Caroline Kennedy's Marriage.  His PhD's and career as self-styled "Renaissance Man."  Jackie Kennedy's distaste for Ed.  Caroline and Ed's alleged de facto separation.  Caroline's alleged relationship with Arthur Ochs "Pinch" Sulzberger Jr.

Rumors that JFK Jr. was actually the son of Fiat head Gianni Agnelli.  John's relationship to Aristotle Onassis.  The plot to kidnap JFK Jr when he was 12.  His friendhsips with David Duchovny and Jason Beghe.  Jackie pushes JFK Jr to go to law school instead of becoming an actor.  His relationship to Daryl Hannah and his alleged links to Madonna and Xuxa.  JFK Jr is blackmailed into supporting William Kennedy Smith.  JFK Jr's founding of George Magazine and it's financial failings.  JFK Jr annoys his family members by calling them "poster boys for bad behavior" and inviting Larry Flynt to the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

His and Caroline's feuding over Jackie's estate.  His marriage to Carolyn Bessette.  Their stormy relationship and stress from the paparazzi.  Her career at Calvin Klein and her relationship to underwear model Michael Bergin. Her alleged cocaine problem and the toll public life took on her.  Both of their alleged infidelities.  The collapse of their marriage and how it may have contributed to their plane crash.

JFK Jr and Carolyn's tragic deaths.  His flight experience.  Possible environmental causes.  The search and aftermath.  Allegations that his plane was sabotaged.

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The ongoing saga of Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson - the Grillo sisters' mafia ties.  More emails exposed in the Gina Rinehart trust battle.  Michael Skakel's conviction overturned.  George Soros' lawsuit delayed due to his broken leg.  Samantha Perelman wins a victory in her battle over Robert Cohen's will.  Michelle Marie and Jon Heinemann win a victory in their lawsuit against Cathedral School of St. John the Divine.  Curt Johnson incest trial postponed due to victim's lack of cooperation.  Jeffrey Soffer attempts to cover up malfeasance in the death of Lance Valdez.  Inaki Urdangarin faces 23 years in prison and Infanta Cristina is implicated.  Arrest made in Petra Ecclestone theft case.  Leonard Lauder and Linda E. Thompson engagement canceled.  Murdoch and Packer divorce.  James Packer and Miranda Kerr.  Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad.  Tetra Pak heir Hans Rausing and Julia Delves Broughton.  The deaths of Edgar Bronfman Sr and Bernard Shaw.  The murder of Nedenia Post Dye.  Vittorio Missoni's body is still missing.  New babies for William and Kate, Sophie Winkleman, Kate Winslet, Ivanka Trump, Georgina Bloomberg, Charlotte Casiraghi, Patrick Kennedy, Matthew Kennedy, P. Bush, Jeb Bush, Jenna Bush. Barbara Bush hospitalized and released. Mariah Carey performs for dictators.  Caroline Kennedy becomes embassador to Japan.  John Miller joins NYPD counterterrorism.  Mikhail Khordokovsky released.  Anderson Cooper discusses pee freezing and his mother's love of cunnilingus.

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