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January 2014
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Jemima Kirke and the Dellal Clan

Jemima Kirke's real estate developer grandfather, Black Jack Dellal; his nine children, including Jemima's mom, boutique owner Lorraine Dellal Kirke; Lorraine's rock drummer husband, Simon Kirke; Jemima's sister Domino the doula and her baby daddy, the banjo player hipster; Jemima's husband, Michael Mosberg, and his plans for a luxury drug rehab in Brooklyn; Jemima's actress sister Lola; her uncle, Guy Dellal and his cocaine conviction; Guy's socialite children - shoe designer Charlotte Olympia, art gallery owner Alex, model Alice, and big-haired Max - and their connections to Jerry Hall and her Jagger offspring; Alex and Alice's links to Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi; Alex's baby mama, Elisa Sednaoui; Alice's adventures with Pixie Geldof; Suzy Dellal's heroin overdose; Jemima's filmmaker aunts, Jasmine and Gaby Dellal.

Zosia Mamet (53:29)

Zosia Mamet's famous dad, David Mamet, and her "showbiz royalty" mother, Lindsay Crouse; the Broadway connections of her grandparents, Russel Crouse and Anna Erskine Crouse; her influential Ivy League professor grandfather, John Erskine; the embarrassing Kickstarter campaign by Zosia and her half-sister, Clara Mamet.

Allison Williams (1:08:04)

Allison Williams' famous newsreader father, Brian Williams, and her tv producer mother, Jane Stoddard Williams; Brian Williams' work for the US government; the State Department connections of her mother and grandfather, Hudson G. Stoddard; Hudson Stoddard's work in publishing and public television; her great-grandfather, Alexander J. Stoddard, his work in education and public tv, and more State Department connections; Allison's cousin, Timothy Lovejoy, who made a fortune working for; her Washington lobbyist uncle, Alex Stoddard; Allison's connections to Yale, secret societies, and Judd Apatow.

Lena Dunham (1:26:42)

Lena Dunham's artist parents, Carroll Dunham and Laurie Simmons; Carroll Dunham's creepy porno art; Laurie Simmons' connections to actress Meryl Streep and banking heir Michael Rohatyn; Lena's friend, political operative Audrey Gelman, and her creepazoid ex-boyfriend, photographer Terry Richardson; Lena's Girls show runner, Jenni Konner, her Hollywood writer father, and more Nepotista connections; Lena' strange relationship with her friends and family.

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Caroline Kennedy and John Kennedy Jr's childhood with Jackie and Aristotle Onassis.  Caroline's youthful indescretions.  Her near miss with an IRA bomb meant for Sir Hugh Fraser.  Her relationship with Mark Shand, brother of Camilla Parker-Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall.  Caroline's academic career and brief stints in photography, journalism and later at the MoMA, where she met her husband, Ed Schlossberg. Her abortive attempt at taking over Hillary's NY Senate seat and her current embassadorship to Japan.  Caroline's substantial personal wealth and inheritance.  Her involvement with her brother David Kennedy's drug overdose and possible theft of demerol from Rose Kennedy.  Caroline's relationship with neoconservative writer and editor Eric Breindel and his death from AIDS-related liver failure.  His work with Senator Moynihan and the Senate Intelligence Committee, and his friendships with Tamar Jacoby and Norman Podhoretz.  Donald Rumsfeld, Midge Dector and the Committee for the Free World, John M. Olin, Smith Richardson, Irving Kristol and Tom Stoppard.

Ed Schlossberg and Caroline Kennedy's Marriage.  His PhD's and career as self-styled "Renaissance Man."  Jackie Kennedy's distaste for Ed.  Caroline and Ed's alleged de facto separation.  Caroline's alleged relationship with Arthur Ochs "Pinch" Sulzberger Jr.

Rumors that JFK Jr. was actually the son of Fiat head Gianni Agnelli.  John's relationship to Aristotle Onassis.  The plot to kidnap JFK Jr when he was 12.  His friendhsips with David Duchovny and Jason Beghe.  Jackie pushes JFK Jr to go to law school instead of becoming an actor.  His relationship to Daryl Hannah and his alleged links to Madonna and Xuxa.  JFK Jr is blackmailed into supporting William Kennedy Smith.  JFK Jr's founding of George Magazine and it's financial failings.  JFK Jr annoys his family members by calling them "poster boys for bad behavior" and inviting Larry Flynt to the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

His and Caroline's feuding over Jackie's estate.  His marriage to Carolyn Bessette.  Their stormy relationship and stress from the paparazzi.  Her career at Calvin Klein and her relationship to underwear model Michael Bergin. Her alleged cocaine problem and the toll public life took on her.  Both of their alleged infidelities.  The collapse of their marriage and how it may have contributed to their plane crash.

JFK Jr and Carolyn's tragic deaths.  His flight experience.  Possible environmental causes.  The search and aftermath.  Allegations that his plane was sabotaged.

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The ongoing saga of Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson - the Grillo sisters' mafia ties.  More emails exposed in the Gina Rinehart trust battle.  Michael Skakel's conviction overturned.  George Soros' lawsuit delayed due to his broken leg.  Samantha Perelman wins a victory in her battle over Robert Cohen's will.  Michelle Marie and Jon Heinemann win a victory in their lawsuit against Cathedral School of St. John the Divine.  Curt Johnson incest trial postponed due to victim's lack of cooperation.  Jeffrey Soffer attempts to cover up malfeasance in the death of Lance Valdez.  Inaki Urdangarin faces 23 years in prison and Infanta Cristina is implicated.  Arrest made in Petra Ecclestone theft case.  Leonard Lauder and Linda E. Thompson engagement canceled.  Murdoch and Packer divorce.  James Packer and Miranda Kerr.  Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad.  Tetra Pak heir Hans Rausing and Julia Delves Broughton.  The deaths of Edgar Bronfman Sr and Bernard Shaw.  The murder of Nedenia Post Dye.  Vittorio Missoni's body is still missing.  New babies for William and Kate, Sophie Winkleman, Kate Winslet, Ivanka Trump, Georgina Bloomberg, Charlotte Casiraghi, Patrick Kennedy, Matthew Kennedy, P. Bush, Jeb Bush, Jenna Bush. Barbara Bush hospitalized and released. Mariah Carey performs for dictators.  Caroline Kennedy becomes embassador to Japan.  John Miller joins NYPD counterterrorism.  Mikhail Khordokovsky released.  Anderson Cooper discusses pee freezing and his mother's love of cunnilingus.

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