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Bobby Jr.'s tumultuous childhood and contentious relationships with his mother and brothers; his animal menagerie; his youthful "gang," the Hyannis Port Terrors; his drug addiction and arrests; his odd relationship with JFK Sr.'s friend, Lem Billings; his presidential aspirations; playing "Kennedy roulette;" his first marriage and first job in the legal profession; the drug bust which led to his sobriety and involvement with environmental organization Riverkeeper; his arrests for civil disobedience; his second marriage to Mary Richardson and the circumstances leading to her death; his battles with his late wife's family; his relationship with actress Cheryl Hines; the publication of excerpts from his "sex diary," including his critical comments about George W. Bush, Andrew Cuomo, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, his rating system for his side pieces, and fighting his "lust demons."

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The children of RFK Sr and Ethel Kennedy.  Ethel as a bad parent.  Joe Kennedy II's intellect (or lack thereof) and athletic ability (or lack thereof).  His bad temper and sibling rivalry with RFK Jr.  Pressure put on him in the wake of JFK's and RFK's assassinations.  His somewhat bitter resignation at having to be a Kennedy.  His various abbreviated college careers.  His short stint in San Francisco government.  His fantasies about running drugs.  Joe is on a Lufthansa flight hijacked by the PFLP.  His car accident which crushes his brother David's vertebra and paralyzes Pam Kelley.  The Kennedys pay for Pam Kelley's medical bills, then cut her off.  Pam Kelley responds.  Joe II graduates from UMass and founds Citizens Energy.  Joe Marries Sheila Brewster Rauch.  He takes over Tip O'Neill's congressional seat.  Joe and Sheila Divorce. Joe asks for an anullment; Sheila goes ballistic.  Joe returns to Citizens Energy after amassing a $2.3MM political nest egg.

David Kennedy is the sensitive one.  His special relationship with his father (RFK) who was also the sensitive one.  David's prophetic dreams of his father's death.  David watches his father die on live television.  Ethel's refusal to let David talk about it.  David goes to Europe to hit on girls who feel bad about his father's death.  David does mescaline with Bobby Jr..  David and Chris Lawford get into heroin.  David transfers to Middlesex school, does a lot of drugs and tries to impress Bobby Jr.  David gets suspended from Middlesex and gets high with Peter Lawford.  David annoys Ethel by dating Pam Kelley.  Pam is paralyzed in a car accident.  David becomes addicted to morphine while recovering from his injuries, and begins doing IV heroin.  David drops out of Harvard and loses a number of jobs.  His first bout with bacterial endocarditis.  His trip to Pakistan and meetings with General Zia and Colonel Gadaffi.  David is knifed while trying to score heroin.  David starts on percodan.  "The Committee to Keep David out of the Picture."  David's stay at McLean's.  His trip to England.  His relationship with actress Rachel Ward.  David is beaten and mugged in a shooting gallery.  David tries to get clean.  David goes completely nuts and thinks he's Lee Harvey Oswald.  David OD's on sleeping pills.  David speaks to Collier and Horrowitz and is accused of "treason" by his family.  David dies of a drug overdose in a Palm Beach hotel.

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Reader mail.  Politics as pro wrestling.  Barbara Bush gets a stalker.  George Soros gets to keep his credit cards to himself.  Michael Douglas has a lot of billionaire friends.  Dylan Farrow asks, what's your favorite Woody Allen movie?  Dylan Lauren doesn't give her staff a raise.  Leonard Lauder doesn't think mom appreciated being robbed.  Michael Grimm threatens Gambino relative Michael Scotto.  Stacey Cumberbatch outs her relation to Benedict Cumberbatch.  Princess Alexandra and her pal Jimmy Saville.  Super Gladio Brothers starring Jean and Guillaume de Luxembourg.  Mark Udall's son has some bad habits.  Gigi Chao tells her dad where to stick it.

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